Chairman Speech



Time flies, Gao Xiang company has gone through nearly 30 years since its start. Thirty years of arduous pioneering, 30 years of trials and hardships, three decades of growth, we sweat laid the road to struggle; three decades of development can not be separated from all sectors of the community for our strong support and love!

Quality first, service first. With the spirit of "Striving, thinking and surpassing" and with the style of "rigorous, united and efficient", GAO Xiang continues to build on the principle of "respect each employee's values, exert every employee's strengths and unite the team's wisdom and strength" Independent research and development system, to achieve innovation and transformation, to create their own brand of core technology, and strive to provide customers with "innovation, energy saving, environmentally friendly products and personalized service", in order to achieve "a national brand name, a hundred years to do business" goal and struggle .

We have experienced the hardships of entrepreneurship, deeply understand the trust and trust of customers, to understand the integrity and quality is our long-standing foundation. I and my colleagues will, as always, provide customers with high quality, satisfactory products and services!

China's cold chain logistics industry is currently in rapid development stage, the future has a vast market space. Gao Xiang company in the field of refrigeration equipment with advanced technology, reliable products and more than 35 years of industry experience, in the market competition has obvious advantages. We hope that with the new and old customers at home and abroad, as well as our strategic partners, we will break the big market under the big market, grasp the opportunities, promote cooperation and win the bright future together.

                                                                                                                                            Chairman:       高立铭.png

Liming Gao

The Chairman Of Zhejiang GaoXiang Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.

Communist Party members, senior economists, engineers, Shengzhou Party representatives, Shengzhou economic construction hero.

In 1982, entered the factory as a technician
In 1990, scratch founded Shengxian love machinery parts factory
In 1995, he served as party secretary of Huangniqiao village
In 1995, into the Hangzhou Institute of Technology management professional training, fully understand the "self-cultivation to safety" of the true meaning.

After 1997, he went abroad to study for many times at his own expense and comprehensively improved his theoretical knowledge and professional skills. He drew on first-class management concepts and business models both at home and abroad and became a well-known person in the industry with great respect and trust.

Mr. Gao Liming has long been engaged in the research and development of refrigeration products and has accumulated 35 years of industry experience. He is one of the earliest entrepreneurs who engaged in agent and production of cold chain logistics equipment in China, and has keen insight on the industry. In the initial stage of establishing the enterprise, It established the operating guiding ideology of "scientific and technological innovation" throughout the whole process. At the same time, by introducing new management methods and innovating management ideas, the enterprise has been rapidly developed and expanded. A distinctive feature of the cold chain industry emerged on the road of scientific research and production integration Road.

Gao Xiang blue sky, flying the sky. Comrade Gao Liming carries the dream of serving the country and serves the country and follows the trend of the times. He continuously makes self-correction and improvement in his progress and endeavors to make Gao Xiang a century-old enterprise.