Technological Achievements

The company focuses on the research and application of frequency conversion, low energy efficient cooling technology and has 32 core and patented technologies with international and domestic advanced technologies such as humidifying and fresh-keeping continuous chiller, hot gas defrosting and energy-saving chiller.






Technical advantages of refrigeration unit equipment



And Germany EBM companies to develop electrical energy-saving projects, the product than the traditional energy-saving motors to achieve more than 30%;

In the alternative research of refrigerants, CFCs such as HCFC-22 and HFC-134a have been abandoned instead of chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants and have no CFCs or greenhouse effect on CFCS refrigerants with large environmental pollution.

Carbon dioxide is successfully used as a refrigerant two-component production technology, equipment and equipment ready for the domestic high-end, the international developed countries users. CO2 refrigerant replacement technology not only improves the refrigeration efficiency, but also meets the requirements of environmental improvement, adapts to the international trend of low-carbon and environmental protection, and reduces the emission reduction rate to 50% compared with the products using traditional refrigerants.

Full use of oval tube heat exchanger technology. Compared with the circular tube, the elliptical tube has good aerodynamic characteristics, can reduce the vortex area after the tube, reducing air resistance; oval tube can achieve a compact tube cluster structure. Application of oval tube heat exchanger air-conditioned box air delivery power is about 50% of the tube, which saves about 50% motor energy consumption;


The use of short tube heat transfer, vapor liquid separation, automatic drainage technology, reasonable arrangements for the number of tubes and location, increase product performance and efficiency, reduce material consumption.



Humidification fresh air cooler technology

With the leap-forward development of the domestic cold chain logistics construction, the key equipment of the cold chain logistics has been greatly developed. The disadvantages of the traditional air cooler with large energy consumption and poor effect are more obvious.

Addition of fresh moisturizing continuous chiller using a unique frequency conversion design and energy saving, throttling device, so that cooling conditions remain uninterrupted, indoor temperature and humidity parameters change is small, cooling the goods to reduce consumption, no additional heat to frost the power consumption, Energy-saving emission reduction, greatly reducing operating costs.

Compared with the traditional chiller, the product also has significant effect on the freshness and heat preservation of fruits and vegetables, significantly reducing the loss on drying and drying of vegetables and fruits, and greatly reducing the rotting loss of refrigerated goods.


The product identified by the expert group, the overall technology reached the leading domestic, fin material selection and technology reached the international advanced level.


Frequency energy-saving technology

Frequency conversion technology refers to changing the rotational speed of the equipment by changing the input power frequency of the motor so that the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerated container is consistent with the system load, so that the temperature in the refrigerator is stabilized within a certain range.


The frequency control technology, energy-saving efficiency significantly. When the air volume is 80% of the maximum working air volume, the inverter adopts frequency conversion to adjust its energy consumption, which is only 15% of the original. The energy consumption is reduced by 93% and the energy consumption is reduced by nearly half. When the air volume drops to 50% , Throttling regulation energy consumption is 73%, and frequency conversion regulation energy consumption is only 15%. Therefore, frequency conversion energy-saving effect is significant.


Hot gas defrost technology

Conventional air cooler defrost usually melts in the form of process heat (hot gas) or electrical energy (electrical energy defrost), during which cooling operation conditions are interrupted and aerosol formation, condensation of water vapor on the ceiling Ice formation.


Compared with electric heating, the new defrosting technology not only reduces the time by 40% but also reduces the heat load of the unit.