Strategic Objectives


1, Business development goals

         (1), establish a modern enterprise management system


         The establishment of a systematic and standardized modern enterprise management system, the full use of intelligent information systems, the formation of good, healthy and progressive corporate culture, improve their core competitiveness.


         (2), leading the industry scale


         The establishment of large-scale production base, through restructuring and integration, and strive to Gaoxiang fight into the domestic cold-chain refrigeration industry in the flagship enterprise.

2, Become well-known brand management development goals 

       In good faith-based, pay attention to product quality, to meet customer wishes, the main core refrigeration equipment has become China's well-known brands.

3,  Construction of high standards of research and development centers

        (1), the introduction of high-end test equipment, production, learning, research combined with the continuous development of high-tech products needed.


        (2), establish a high level of intelligent design and manufacturing information development system.


        (3), the application of new technologies, new technology, new materials, new equipment, cold chain refrigeration product development and application of the industry leader.