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Zhejiang Gaoxiang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a refrigeration and commercial refrigeration equipment industry, is a collection research and development, manufacturing, business in one of the professional production of refrigeration equipment integrated industrial companies, Production and sales of condensers, chillers, semi-sealed, full-sealed refrigeration and compression unit and large-scale parallel units.

The company was founded in 1990, the Department of state-level high-tech enterprises, China Warehousing Association member units, responsible for and participated in the national standard "refrigeration air cooler" (GB / T25129- 2010) the development of products to obtain agricultural machinery to promote the identification of certificates, the Chinese machinery industry science and technology awards, etc .; municipal industrial enterprises thirty strong.

Gao LimingChairman of the board

In 1982, entered the factory as a mechanical technician
In 1990, started from scratch to start Sheng County in love machinery parts factory
In 1995, served as secretary of the Party branch of Huangbiqiao Village
In 1995, into the Hangzhou Institute of Technology management professional training, fully appreciate the "self-cultivation to the people" the true meaning.
After 1997, many times at their own expense to study abroad study, comprehensively improve the theoretical knowledge and professional and technical level, learn from the domestic and international first-class management philosophy and business model, a well-known industry, highly respected and trusted.

Mr. Gao Liming has long been engaged in the research and development of refrigeration products, has accumulated 35 years of industry experience, is the first in the cold chain logistics equipment agents, one of the production of entrepreneurs, the industry has a keen insight; in the early start of the enterprise, To establish a "scientific and technological innovation" business guiding ideology and throughout; at the same time through the introduction of new management methods, innovative management ideas, so that enterprises have been rapid development and growth in scientific research, production integration on the road out of a cold chain industry distinctive features Road.

Gao Xiang blue sky, flying over the sky. Comrade Gao Liming carries the dream of the industry to serve the country, conform to the trend of the times, and constantly self-correcting and perfecting in advance, and strive to make Gao Xiang into a century enterprise.