Cold storage

Cold storage

Cold storage temperature is below -25 ℃, because some foods such as ice cream and seafood need to be preserved below -25 ℃ will not be deteriorated, such as less than -25 ℃, the ice cream flavor No more Seafood flavor and taste much worse. The characteristics of low-temperature storage is that, from time to time the instrument into the cold storage, after a period of cold storage temperature reached -25 ℃, there is no special requirements for this time, but the cold storage temperature is required, at -118 ℃ ~ -25 ℃ between, this is a typical low-temperature library.


Refrigeratory temperature:

First determine what food to store, such as storing ice cream, ice lolly and ice in general, the library temperature can be -10 ~ -20 ℃;

If you need to store ice cream and popsicles with a very high milk content, store at -23 ~ -26 ℃.

The two different temperatures require different levels of equipment, equipment investment there is a big gap.