Freezer is mainly used for poultry, food, meat, blood bank centers, aquatic products, meat processing plants, dairy products, cold drinks factory, ice cream factory, pharmaceutical factory, epidemic prevention station, medicine, medicine, medical supplies, chemical raw materials and other items Refrigerated. Freezer is not the lower the better the temperature, the customer should be based on the specific requirements of food to determine the temperature of frozen storage, the lower the temperature the higher the cost of refrigeration equipment investment and operation.

Freezer temperature in the warehouse is generally -5 ℃ ~ -18 ℃, the general freezer is the food from time to time will be frozen in the cold storage refrigeration equipment refrigeration cooling, the temperature inside the library down to -18 ℃, freezer Pick up and delivery is irregular, irregular, no specific requirements on the cooling time, mainly to prevent spoilage of food.


Products features

1, the perfect CAD engineering design, advanced production technology, strict quality assurance management to ensure that products are checked at every stage of production, allowing users to become a reality.

2, frozen cold storehouse thickness generally adopt 100mm, 150mm, 200mm. Uses the most advanced insulation material polyurethane core material combination library, professional technology plus excellent material selection, to ensure that the system is more reliable. Freezer library inside and outside the body can be selected according to customer requirements by the color steel, stainless steel, embossed aluminum, petrified steel and other materials composed of rigid polyurethane insulation sandwich panels.

3, T-plate, wall panels, angle plate combination cold storage in any space can be assembled, but also made a variety of length, size, to meet the different needs of users. Freezer library door lock equipped with a safety lock device, even after the library door lock can also be opened, effectively ensuring the safety of the operator.

4, the main components of freezer are imported famous international brands, which ensure that the freezer configuration is reasonable, stable operation, thermal insulation performance.

5, freezer refrigeration control system using fully automatic microcomputer control technology, intelligent computer temperature control, high-precision temperature and humidity sensor temperature and humidity recorder (with alarm device); library free to set the temperature; automatic temperature thermostat; automatic switch Machine, without manual monitoring; digital temperature display, optional print and save the data to ensure that the contents of the store kept safe. Gao Xiang freezer can also be in accordance with the requirements of customers, easy to expand. All of these can be customized according to the user's specific requirements. To the maximum extent to meet the needs of users

6, the professional construction team, each construction workers have long-term experience in refrigeration engineering, after rigorous job training, certificates of employment



Product application

ortant factors to consider when designing a freezer: At room temperature, the thermal load on a freezer depot rests easily within the freezer's ability to reduce the temperature in the freezer to the desired temperature, but if the heat entering the freezer When the load exceeds the designed capacity, it is very hard to reach the required temperature. At the same time the compressor is also very easy to overload two burned. Just as overloaded cars can not meet the requirements of the same speed, and the engine will be overloaded and burned. Therefore, the design of cold storage requires not only the library temperature of the freezer, but also the required freezing capacity of the entire freezer.