Frozen cold storage

Frozen cold storage

Frozen cold storage refers to the rapid passage of food through its largest ice-forming area, freezing rapidly when the average temperature reaches -18 ° C. Various changes occur in the freezing process of the food, such as physical changes (volume, thermal conductivity, specific heat, change in dry weight, etc.), chemical changes (protein denaturation, discoloration, etc.), changes in cellular and tissue, Change and so on. Fast-frozen food is characterized by the maximum to maintain the original nutritional value of food and color flavor.


Products features

1, fluorine-free refrigerant, care of the environment

2, the natural convection and forced convection cooling together to prevent the condenser dirty burned compressor

3, the library panel material diversity (color steel, salinized steel, embossed aluminum, stainless steel), to meet the needs of different industries

4, imported brand-name compressor, optional scroll refrigeration, piston refrigeration, screw refrigeration

5, intelligent temperature control system: automatic open compressor, air cooler, automatic frost

6, a variety of fault alarm: ultra-set temperature, sensor failure, low voltage, lack of equality

7, a variety of protection features: boot delay protection, compressor overheating protection, compressor overload protection, evaporator overload protection, condensation pressure is too high protection, suction pressure is too low protection

8, with a freeze-type air pressure balancer within the library

9, optional temperature recorder, remote network control and remote alarm function


Frozen Foods

◆ Avoid creating large ice crystals between cells

◆ reduce intracellular water analysis, thaw juice loss less

◆ The time for contact between solutes and food tissues, colloids and various components within the cell tissue is significantly shortened, and the danger of concentration is reduced to a minimum

◆ Rapidly reduce food to below the temperature of microbial growth activity, advantageously against the growth of microorganisms and their biochemical reactions

◆ food in the frozen equipment residence time is short, help to improve equipment utilization and continuous production